Top 5 Best Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins 2021

Hey Everyone, Today I will tell you about What is Affiliate Link Cloaking Method. Right Now, bloggers get divided into the PPC models and others choose Affiliate Marketing to monetize their blogs.

Every visitor is a different person and he tries to know about different methods, maybe, a reader lands on your blog, and looking for a solution, and finds your tutorial on that topic to proceed further.

The reader reads your tutorial and finds out that the solution requires s a certain product to buy, he or she does not intend to buy,  so the reader moves the cursor on the image or text, the link which shows up look a little unprofessional.

  • Is this a legal product?
  • What about secured checkout?
  • Should I trust this review?

Is this the right solution for me for my problem?

That’s why we use link cloaking plugins. I have seen some bloggers using URL Shorteners, but that is never a good practice. It’s a bit psychological thing. You are promoting something you trust.

Make sure that you start using the product first before you promote it. Every successful affiliate marketer does that.

Here in this article, I will discuss Premium WordPress plugins for Affiliate Link Cloaking.

Pretty Link

Pretty Link is a popular premium WordPress plugin for link cloaking. It works pretty much like every other link cloaking plugin.

It assists bloggers and online marketers to make the affiliate or dirty links into decent and smart links. It reduces the chances of bounce rate, and of course, it increases the CTR on the websites and blogs.

There are two editions of Pretty Link Plugin, you can buy for a single site or you can buy the edition of the unlimited site.

Blogger Edition: $37
Developer Edition: $97

Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates is another popular WordPress plugin for link cloaking. The interesting thing is that it’s free to start, but there is a list of add-ons available to be purchased which makes this plugin more helpful and useful.

The add-ons such as Auto-linker, Stats Add-on, Google Clicks Tracking, Geolocations, CSV Importer are worth a try.

Plugin price: FREE

Add-on Price: $49

Track Zilla

Track Zilla is the new plugin in the premium WordPress plugins market. It helps bloggers and affiliate marketers to shorten the links and perform link cloaking jobs as well.

What good about this Premium link cloaking plugin is that it is pretty much cheaper as compared to the other premium link cloaking plugins and comes with many other cool features such as reporting, link shortening, custom redirects, geo-redirecting, and much more.

Price: $18

Eclipse Link Cloaker

Eclipse Link Cloaker is a new product in this category. It does the same job that other premium link cloaking plugins do. It also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

There are some interesting features in this plugin such as you can decide where you want to cloak the links, for instance, just on pages or posts, turning the keywords into links, and link statistics.

It comes with a decent reporting system that provides you a detailed analysis of your link cloaking campaign.

Price: $77

Ninja Affiliate

Ninja Affiliate is a link cloaking plugin from the house of MaxBlogPress. It has all the features which are required in the link cloaking process. It shapes your dirty and long affiliate links into short links. It can also convert the keywords into your affiliate links.

This plugin is easy to manage and use. The features like no-follow on affiliate links, cloaked link expiration, link grouping are quite interesting to use in Affiliate Marketing. Ninja Affiliate Plugin is available in two editions:

Developer Edition: $97

Single Site Edition: $37


If you’re promoting products from Clickbank, Amazon, and Commission Junction, imagine, when a reader gets attracted towards your banner ad and right before the click, your reader sees the link which sounds crazy!

You know that what could happen after that!

Obviously, there will be doubts and thoughts!



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